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"...with absolutely no experience or knowledge of the game. Jimmy is an excellent instructor who knows how to break down a diffcult-to-learn sport into manageable lessons..."

"...amazed at my progress! It's great to know that by learning the correct way to hold the racket, and the correct stroke and form; I am in a great position to continue improving my game..."

" I am now playing much better tennis especially with steady improvement on my backhand and ..."

Washington DC Tennis Lessons




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   30 min   1 hour 

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    Private Lesson

    Receive 100% attention from instructor.

  $35    $70 

    Semi-private Lesson

     Get a friend or family member to practice with you in the same lesson making the learning experience even more enjoyable.  


 $25/per person   $40/per person 

    3 People Group Lesson

    Form your own group. Group lesson is customized to your preference.

      $30/per person 

    4 People Group Lesson

    Form your own group. Group lesson is customized to your preference.

      $25/per person 

* A lesson or drill may be scheduled longer than 1 hour duration upon request.