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Tennis Lessons and Coaching


"As someone who has spent some time in the classroom as an instructor, I can say without hesitation that Jimmy is a great teacher.  By the end of a summer's worth of lessons, three of us, who started out knowing nothing at all about tennis, were playing full games--volleying and serving our way through the morning lesson.  We went from hitting balls over fences and at each other to executing well-placed shots.  Jimmy helped us slowly build our skills on the court, with a good measure of patience and humor.  He methodically explained the mechanics of each stroke and helped us to realize the importance of moving our feet around the court, not to mention the necessity of practicing!  He remembered our strengths and weaknesses and put together lessons each week, teaching us both as a group and individually.  I can't say enough good things about Jimmy--perhaps the best thing is that I actually look forward to waking up early on Saturday mornings to take tennis lessons."

Kate, Washington DC

My brother and I took lessons from Jimmy for 3 summers in a row and sometimes even going into the fall months. As an instructor, Jimmy is very patient, compassionate and supportive. He always pushed me to work harder and made lessons very enjoyable. I could see my skills improve within a few lessons and by the end of the summer, I would be a much better tennis player. His coaching enabled me to be successful on my high school tennis team and made tennis such a fun experience. Aside from Jimmy?s business-professional- persona, Jimmy is also a pleasant person just to talk about. His easygoing and generous natures have really stood out to me and make him a good person in general. I have gone through multiple tennis coaches, but Jimmy is hands down my all time favorite and I would definitely recommend him to anyone interested in learning tennis or solidifying their tennis skills. -Kayla, Boyds

"My friends and I have been taking lessons from Jimmy all Summer. As a brand new tennis player, I was impressed with Jimmy's patience and clear way of explaining the game. Over the last few months, I have been amazed at my progress! It's great to know that by learning the correct way to hold the racket, and the correct stroke and form, I am in a great position to continue improving my game. Jimmy makes tennis fun and makes success attainable!"                      

Tamar, Washington DC



"I started lessons with Jimmy as a novice tennis player - with absolutely no experience or knowledge of the game.  Jimmy is an excellent instructor who knows how to break down a difficult-to-learn sport into manageable lessons. In the course of only a few months, Jimmy taught me the basics of tennis and I am now able to comfortably play a game! I would certainly recommend him to anyone"   
 Liza, Washington DC

"I stopped playing tennis for more than four years and the first time back on the court I felt like a beginner.  My grip, forehand, backhand, and my footwork were dreadful.  I found Jimmy on the internet and gave him a call.  Jimmy gave me an initial evaluation, and asked about my tennis goals. He put a program together for me and not only helped bring back my game; he has made me a better player. Jimmy moved me from a one-hand backhand to a two-hand backhand, improved my ball placement, my court awareness, my play at the net and is now working on my serve. All this in the matter of months. Jimmy is one of the best tennis pros I have had the pleasure to work with.  He has great people and management skills. I would recommend Jimmy to anyone from a beginner to advance player as he makes tennis fun."                                                                        

Ty, Rockville


I come from Milan (Italy) and I'm an exchange student of high school doing the year abroad in the US. I haven't been playing tennis for 7 years in Italy and last year, few months after I arrived in America, I did want to play it again. I met Jimmy and we first had some private lessons, later he introduced me to some of his students, and I had tennis clinics with them, also. He taught me some basics like the forehand, the backhand, the volley, and the service (that I had forgotten during those years) and that was really helpful to me. He did a good job and I' d definitely recommend him to whoever wants to learn or improve how to play this amazing sport. He's a patient man, too. Now I'm able to play against other students really well and at the same time keep on improving my skill. I like him as a coach as well as a person!

Riccardo, Milan (Italy)



"As an adult learner, it is really important to me to have a coach who is able to articulate to me clearly what I am doing well and what I need to work on. I appreciate Jimmy because he is such a great coach. He is gentle and yet firm in his teaching style. He is very particular about ensuring that his students develop the proper tennis form and stroke techniques. Jimmy's calm and relaxed style helps you feel comfortable and not overwhelmed or frustrated. This makes learning tennis fun as you improve your game. Don't be fooled by his laid-back personality - he is able to push you to work hard so as take your tennis game up a notch!"

 Ani, Rockville



"When we started playing tennis, we had both tried other methods to learn. I went to tennis camp for about 8 years and Christophe and I both took group lessons in college. However, nothing really worked: most of Christophe's balls would go sailing over the fence, and most of mine would hit the net. That is why we started private lessons with Jimmy. From the beginning, he made us feel very comfortable by breaking down each movement with step by step instructions to make it easier to emulate. In addition, he is very patient and encouraging. Jimmy uses positive encouragement to teach so you are never afraid of making a mistake. He also creates a fun environment to learn. He's very honest, nice, professional and very accommodating to our needs. We are both working professionals who go to school part-time. Jimmy cares a lot about the success of his students and works really hard to improve their game. We have only been taking lessons for two months and we are absolutely shocked by the results. We are able to consistently hit the ball back and forth and feel the pop on the tennis racket when we do."

Chris and Jane, Bethesda



"Don't be misled by Jimmy's youthful appearance. He is
well grounded mentally and he has a keen intellect for
the mechanics, tactics, and strategies of tennis. As
an instructor, he is patient, observant, and well
spoken. As a person, he radiates confidence, trust,
and a strong commitment towards his students. Jimmy
has an exceptional teaching sense as well as the
passion to give every lesson his best effort. It's rare to find such special qualities in one so young."  
                                                                                                          John, Rockville



"My daughter Kelly has been taking private lessons with Jimmy for several months. Based on Kelly's ability, he systematically teaches her forehand, backhand,  volley, serving, and footwork. She has made significant progress in all aspects. Jimmy knows how to work with children. He is very patient, and made it a fun learning experience for Kelly. She always looks forward to the day she has tennis with Jimmy. His online scheduling system is very flexible and convenient; it allows me to schedule class based on the weather and my schedule."

Nanpeng, North Potomac



"Jimmy has been my coach since October 2007, and he gives me one-hour tennis private lesson every one or two weeks. Before taking his lessons, I was a beginner and had been playing tennis with my friends for a little more than a year. At that time, I could only do some groundstrokes with forehand. My backhand groundstroke was awkward, along with other important skills, such as serve, approach shot, volley, and overhead. Jimmy is an acute observer and a patient coach. He always carefully watches my matches, and gives effective instructions. At the beginning of each lesson, he will ask me which skills I want to improve or practice, and design the lesson by combining my desire and what he thinks is useful for me. I believe he has an individual coaching plan for each different student, at least he has one for me based on my goal of playing, previous experience, and current tennis ability. Jimmy's teaching style is friendly and encouraging. Taking his lessons is just like playing with an old friend, who gives you valuable tennis tips. After only several months of his coaching, I am now playing much better tennis especially with steady improvement on my backhand and serves. Many other friends also said I got an impressive improvement. Thanks to Jimmy's wonderful tennis lessons!"

Song, Aspen Hill