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"...with absolutely no experience or knowledge of the game. Jimmy is an excellent instructor who knows how to break down a diffcult-to-learn sport into manageable lessons..."

"...amazed at my progress! It's great to know that by learning the correct way to hold the racket, and the correct stroke and form; I am in a great position to continue improving my game..."

" I am now playing much better tennis especially with steady improvement on my backhand and ..."

Tennis Lessons


Private Lesson (1 on 1)

A private lesson allows the student to learn one-on-one with a tennis coach. This is one of the best ways to learn tennis as you will be given undivided attention and personalized care. Above all, this is the fastest way to learn.  


Drill sessions (non-instructional) 

For those who like no tennis instruction, but would simply like to hit a lot of tennis balls (think 500-700 balls) by improving ground strokes and specialty shots  


Semi-Private Lesson 

Bring a friend or family member to make the learning experience even more enjoyable. A semi-private lesson will be paced comfortably for both participants to practice and learn.

Group Lesson    

Form your own group by bring in friends and/or family members (maximum of 6 participants).